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Heparan Sulfate The Breakthrough Ingredient for Healthy-Looking Skin

Sente Skin Care logoHeparan Sulfate, the glycoprotein present in Senté products, plays many important roles in skin health:

  1. HS is the “master molecule” involved in cell renewal and skin recovery
  2. HS is the most biologically active glycoprotein, attaching to the surface of cells and allowing growth factors and other molecules to regenerate skin
  3. HS is proven to effectively penetrate the basement membrane, facilitating collagen rejuvenation and growth factor enablement

Benefits of Senté Products:

  1. Penetrate to the basal membrane to provide immediate and profound hydration
  2. Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Improve appearance of skin texture
  4. Even skin tone and restore radiance
  5. Ideal for use following aesthetic procedures


Cleanse face. Apply morning and night to face and neck. Make-up and sunblock can be applied immediately after.

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