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From 2017 National Doctors’ Day – “This Doctor I’m honoring: Ryan Hoffman”
I deeply appreciate your efforts to return my husband to health. I will always be grateful for the extra time I was able to spend with him.


People think I am my Grandaughter’s mom, not Grandmom!!!
My results are BETTER than expected! I am about to turn 56 and had noticed jowls and neck sagging. I went in to meet Dr. Hoffman and he and his staff were top notch! After the procedure there was slight bruising and swelling that quickly resolved and after 3 weeks I was so elated with my new appearance…not “overdone”, just years taken off!

Great job!
I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by a breast oncologist, and he was wonderful. It’s been 6 months since my breast surgery, and the scars are barely visible. The issues I was having are completely resolved and I am very happy with the results. The staff is friendly, competent, and accommodating. I highly recommend this practice.

Goodbye My Angry Line
I had a pronounced line on the bridge of my nose, which caused me to appear angry.Dr. Hoffman eliminated the line and I actually never felt any discomfort, due to the superb way in which he administered the botox injections. Dr. Hoffman is the consummate professional. He is always patient and very honest about what is the best course of treatment and what results one should expect.

-Wynnewood Patient

Hernia Repair Patient
Dr. Hoffman did an excellent job. Walked me through the procedure, made me feel comfortable and confident about the procedure, was concerned for my well-being, knowledgeable and has a pleasant personality. I had several hernia repairs at another hospital the doctor seemed annoyed with me and my condition. I no longer cared for his demeanor so I left and came to Lankenau. Dr. Hoffman was brought in by another doctor because I needed a specific type of hernia repair. He was able to put me at ease concerning my situation. I was very pleased with everything.

-Wynnewood Patient

Surgery Patient
“Dear Dr. Ryan Hoffman and Staff,

Thank you!

As a patient, going through any type of medical procedure or surgery, it is helpful to have a team of medical personnel that is caring and understanding. Beginning with Dr. Hoffman, who did not jump to any conclusions during my initial examination of the growth, lipoma; he sent me for additional tests to confirm the diagnosis and try not to have any surprises before going into surgery. Dr. Hoffman eased my fears, one step at a time. Answered my questions and guided me through each step of the way. Then, once I considered taking the additional steps to also include a tummy tuck, I felt reassured that this would be a good choice for me. All the way through the processes the kindness of your staff, including Bette (getting answers to all my telephone questions), Joy (getting me through the insurance process), and your medical assistants for making me feel at ease, has been amazing. You have a very knowledgeable and professional staff with a personal touch. Thank you all!

Some of your above and beyond touches, Dr. Hoffman, thank you for your patience in allowing my sisters to come to my appointments and ask questions; for maintaining contact with my sister after surgery and through the ICU step-down process. The nurses were also on top of everything! Then you called me to check in and tell me to call you if I needed anything….WOW!

I wanted to let you and the girls know how much I appreciate everything you did to get me through this. Please keep up the good work!
My body may still not be perfect, however my self esteem has been elevated to my perfect place! Thank you and God bless you!”

-With warmest regards, T.D.

Breast Augmentation Patient
“When I decided to have breast augmentation surgery, I rigorously researched different plastic surgeons based on their cosmetic specialties, professional memberships, residency and fellowship trainings, as well their current hospital surgical privileges. I narrowed my search down to two plastic surgeons to meet in-person for a consultation; and Dr. Hoffman was a perfect fit for me. He spent the time to answer my notebook full of questions, and believe me, I brought was a long list of questions. He showed me the implant products, walked me through the procedure, and explained the post-op care. From beginning to end, Dr. Hoffman and his staff were always incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. I have had my implants for 3 years now and I have been incredibly happy with the results. They are literally perfect and I owe their perfection to Dr. Hoffman’s surgical skills.”

Breast Augmentation Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman,

You a highly talented surgeon and a compassionate soul as well.

After our initial consult with you and your helpful and friendly staff we felt confident that there was no need to have a consultation with any another surgeon.

It’s clear that you and your staff feel passionate about taking great care of your patients and putting them at ease.

Thank you again for my new breasts. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole experience.”

-With sincere gratitude, M.

Rhinoplasty Patient
“I never imagined how much better I would be able to breathe after Dr. Hoffman performed my Septoplasty and Turbinectomy !”


Breast Reduction and Reconstruction – Wynnewood, PA
”After breast cancer lumpectomy my breasts were a D and DD. Dr. Ryan Hoffman took the down to a C cup and moved my nipples up. My dream since I was a teenager was to be able to go without a bra, depending on what I was wearing. Thanks to Dr. Hoffman, this is now possible. I can also sleep on my stomach.

Dr. Hoffman made me feel completely comfortable and secure. He has a great personality and bedside manner. His staff are all equally nice. I love Dr. Hoffman and am going back for some procedures on my face.”

Mole Removal, Dr. Hoffman Was Recommended by my Dermatologist – Wynnewood, PA
“Dr. Hoffman and his staff were wonderful. He reviewed the procedure at my initial consultation and the actual procedure was as he described. The lab results came back clear and the scar healed beautifully. I appreciated that the appointments were on time and that Dr. Hoffman and his staff always had time for my questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hoffman’s practice!”

Dr. Hoffman Knows His Injectables – Wynnewood, PA
”Dr. Ryan Hoffman is a caring, patient, knowledgable, and professional Doctor. He has been doing my Botox for about a year and it is perfect every time. He is conservative in his approach (except when he needs to be more aggressive) in all the procedures that I’ve seen which is exactly what I want in my plastic surgeon. I am hoping to have a mommy makeover in the next couple of years and I will def. be going to Dr. Hoffman.
I also love Dr. Hoffmans office staff. They are a diverse group who always seems to be having fun while keeping a professional atmosphere.”

58 Years Old, Deep Wrinkles, Wanted to Look Refreshed – Philadelphia, PA
“I trust him with my face! That is huge. I actually convinced a girlfriend of mine to come along to the first visit ~ that’s how scared I was. Then she had to go first. And after that it was my turn. I can only say Dr. Hoffman does excellent work, really listens and is very careful. And his staff is warm, professional, discrete, understanding, helpful and encouraging. It is a pleasure to be treated in his office.”

Thank God for Dr. Hoffman – Wynnewood, PA
”After finding out I had breast cancer, I decided to get rid of everything! Dr. Hoffman was very understanding of how traumatic this all was. The procedure was of course very painful but again, he was reachable & very understanding. 
My 1st procedure was 7-15 then I went back in 11-15 for a little larger implant & fat grafting to the area. I love my new breasts!”

Facelift Patient
“My face was reflecting my age and not the way I felt on the inside. I did some research on my own and also asked my Dermatologist for a recommendation for a plastic surgeon to perform a face lift. Dr. Hoffman was his choice and he was also on my short list. At my consultation, Dr. Hoffman spent time to explain what the procedure would entail and how long the recovery would take. It was important to me that I still look like myself and Dr. Hoffman absolutely did just that.”

Satisfied Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman and Staff,

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing experience I’ve had with your team. After so many years thinking about this huge decision, I am more than thankful to have landed at your office. You probably hear this all the time, but you have returned my confidence and the piece that was missing to feel sexy again! Your team is superb and was always there to answer my questions. Thank you Joy for your patience, thank you Shawn for your enthusiasm, and last but not least, thank you Dr. Hoffman for your divine hands. ”


Breast Revision Patient
“I was referred to Dr. Hoffman by another doctor that I saw for the first time. My first consultation was both to see what he could do for me and to get an assessment of him. His office was clean and the staff was very professional. Dr. Hoffman was very sensitive and attentive to my needs as I was looking for him to replace my implants and fix a procedure that was not done well. As a breast cancer survivor my primary focus was my well being. I saw Dr. Hoffman because I had a leakage. I always had problems with symmetry since my first reconstruction surgery almost ten years now. I expressed my concerns with him and he assured me that he could help me. I was very pleased with the outcome. He is knowledgeable and very skilled. His bed side manner goes a long way to say the least. I felt comfortable expressing my concerns and felt like he listened to my concerns. I left confident that he could help me.”


Satisfied Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman,

I thank you so much for treating me. I have suffered for over nine years. You have been very professional in explaining my treatments and have been effective. In the past I have suffered itching, sharp pains, tigheting of the skin; unable to sleep. There has been an emotional and psychological affect on me also. After your initial treatment, I experienced immediate relief. Thanks Dr. Hoffman for your expertise, treatment, and doing whatever you can for me.”


Breast Reduction Patient
“I have had large breasts always. In recent years I have had increased back, neck and shoulder pain. I had been thinking about breast reduction for a long time but never did anything about it until my 21 year old niece had it done last year. Dr. Hoffman was recommended to me by my primary physician. I found him to be very understanding of my desire for smaller breasts for esthetic as well as physical reasons. He was very professional in all my pre and post visits. I am extremely pleased with the results of my surgery and am sorry I didn’t do this sooner. The office staff is very nice and was especially helpful in getting insurance approval for the surgery.I would highly recommend Dr Hoffman to anyone looking to have breast surgery.”

-Review courtesy of RealSelf

Breast Augmentation Patient
“After my third child, I was extremely self-conscious of the lack of fullness in my breasts. I had a lot of concerns about how a breast augmentation would be perceived by close family and friends. I also had concerns about explaining my want to have plastic surgery to my 10 year old daughter, who is becoming very self-aware.

Dr. Hoffman and his staff took all of my concerns and questions seriously, and helped to ease my mind. His staff was honest when helping me to decide which volume of implant would compliment my body, and the look I wanted to achieve.”

-Review courtesy of RealSelf

Surgery Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for your timely, tender, and excellent care of our daughter. When we were with our daughter our concerns were so great! Yet so many details of care came into place. Thank you for your gentleness, for explaining clearly to our daughter what to expect as well as your excellent stitching skills! We are so grateful! May you be encouraged that what you do really matters!”


Surgery Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman,

Thank you for going above and beyond while taking care of our daughter. We were lucky to have you as our doctor.”

-The E. Family

Surgery Patient
“My experience at Dr. Hoffman’s office was very very positive. I was taken back shortly after I arrived and after we addressed my concerns, I felt extremely positive. Dr. Hoffman presented me with several options and some without surgery. I will see him again and look forward to working with him to help me look my best!

The staff was very helpful, and supportive and very honest about all the procedures we discussed.
I’m very impressed with the whole office.”


Surgery Patient
“Dear Dr Hoffman,
You came to the rescue! You were there at a time of pain and stress. You are not only an excellent doctor but a great human being! Appreciated greatly! Thanks so much!”


Abdominoplasty Patient
“I had a long journey to get here. But even after losing over 150lbs the extra skin made me feel self-conscious, especially as a gay male. I felt ashamed despite my hard work and even more unwanted than before weight loss. From the first day I met Dr. Ryan Hoffman and his staff they made me feel like a person and not just a number. They were extraordinary. Dr. Hoffman answered all questions. Between his ability and willingness to address my every concern and the caring manner in which his staff interacted with me, my entire experience with Dr. Hoffman kept my nerves from getting the best of me. Post-surgery Dr. Hoffman and his staff were very involved in my recovery and kept in touch with me to ensure that I was healing nicely and feeling well. My surgery has been a life changing and positive experience for me and I owe it all to Dr. Ryan Hoffman and his staff”


Breast Augmentation Patient
“Dear Dr. Hoffman & Staff,
I wanted to say thank you so much for your wonderful treatment throughout this journey. From the first visit up to today you all have been incredible. I am so lucky to be in such good hands!
Lots of love.


Hernia Repair and Tummy Tuck
“Having Dr. Ryan Hoffman perform my hernia repair and tummy tuck was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My before and after photos are a testament in and of themselves, the results are astounding! Not only is his work exceptional, but the entire process was smooth, comfortable, and pleasant.

Dr. Hoffman and his entire staff are highly professional, and explained every step of the process in detail, making sure to listen to and address any concerns I may have had. I felt their genuine concern for my care and well-being. Any questions I had were welcomed, and I always felt that I had the full and undivided attention of any member of the staff with whom I communicated.

After the surgery, Dr. Hoffman was very involved in my recovery, continuously checking in with me to ensure that I was healing nicely and feeling well. I have to say, I expected much more discomfort than I actually experienced.

All in all, it has been a wonderful experience from beginning to end, and I would definitely visit Dr. Hoffman again!”


Breast Augmentation

“Thank you Dr. Hoffman for giving me my perfect teenage boobs! They are awesome & I love them. I’m very happy with my decision to pick you as my surgeon and your staff is amazing as well. Thank you again!”

– S.B.

Breast Augmentation
”Dr. Hoffman has been wonderful. From the moment I walked into the office, the staff was so welcoming and knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. Dr. Hoffman is a perfectionist and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I would recommend Dr. Hoffman to anyone interested in a breast augmentation.”


Melanoma Removal
“Dear Dr. S.:

I wanted to send you a note to tell you that I went to see Dr. Ryan S. Hoffman, the Plastic Surgeon at Main Line Institute, whom you recommended to remove the Melanoma from my back.

I wanted to tell you that it was an extremely pleasant experience. Every single person in his office was very pleasant, helpful, and welcoming. Dr. Ryan Hoffman was also very pleasant, and efficient, and he did a great job.

On Sunday, 2/23/14, I had fallen on a brick stairway outside of our home and hit my elbow. I had a deep gash in my elbow, which I didn’t realize was serious. Dr. Ryan Hoffman was nice enough to wash out the gash in my elbow and stitch it up.

In conclusion, I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Ryan Hoffman and his staff were wonderful.”


“I cannot thank you enough for the gift of your talents and artistry. I am so happy with my results”


Facial Lesion
“I greatly appreciate your promptness in having me come to your office and squeezing me in during your busy day, not once, but twice. I am happy to report that my face has cleared and there is no evidence of anything ever being there. You are the best! Thanks again”


Facial Dog Bite
“I am so very very grateful that you came in on a Friday night to see me. I can’t imagine having to spend the night with my face in that state. I cant thank you enough for coming in when you didn’t have to. Thank you so so so so much.”


Breast Cancer and Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Patient
“Dr. Hoffman has been my surgeon through several procedures and I can’t recommend him highly enough. As a young breast cancer survivor (37 at diagnosis), the most important things to me were receiving compassionate care and having my body restored to a satisfactory level post-mastectomy–and knowing that my surgeon had just as high expectations for my end result as I do. Ryan has not only met but exceeded those expectations! I certainly had a long and arduous road, medically speaking, but there was no point at which I did not feel that I was in the best of hands. I could not be happier with the results and I know you will be, too!”


Surgery Patient
“Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for me. You are a blessing to me, thank you for giving so much of your time and talent. You are a wonderful, compassionate surgeon!”


Breast Reduction Patient
“I am an active 47 year old mother and wife. I have had large breasts since I was young girl and I have always disliked how they interfered with everything, from playing sports to easily finding bras and clothing that fit well. The older I got the larger my breasts became and my dislike for them grew to pure hatred. I hated how heavy they made me look and feel, and how they appeared in clothes and bathing suits.

So, I finally decided to do something about it. I asked friends and doctors if they knew people and patients who had had breast reduction surgery. I found several women of varying ages who had the procedure and they all told me it was the best thing they had ever done. I was then very motivated to move forward.

My dermatologist highly recommended Dr. Hoffman to me. A friend recommended her plastic surgeon that had performed her breast reduction several years prior. Long story short, I saw both doctors and I was told I was an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery.

One of my biggest concerns about breast reduction surgery was the cost. I was able to proceed if my insurance would pay for the surgery.

I saw Dr. Hoffman first and I immediately liked him and his staff. He and his staff were warm, personable and very professional. They put me at ease right away. I had a million questions and lots of concerns about everything; from the actual procedure, the recovery process to insurance coverage. Dr. Hoffman was exceedingly patient, kind and thorough. I so appreciated him taking his time with me and answering every question I had. The ladies on his staff were also kind and thorough. I was very comfortable with everyone from having the pictures taken for insurance purposes to having my measurements done to answering questions with his office manager regarding schedule time frames to the insurance approval process.

A week later I saw the other plastic surgeon that my friend had used and really liked. My immediate reaction walking into his office was that it was very luxurious and the waiting room had quite a few people waiting in it. Once I was taken back, I met with a few different female staff members who were polite and professional. I was then moved to another room to meet with staff for questions and to look at portfolios. I finally met with the doctor in an examination room. He was nice but a little too slick for my taste. He wore an expensive suit and shoes and was very matter of fact. I then moved to a final person and we discussed scheduling and insurance. I basically felt like I was in an assembly line process. It felt cold and odd to me especially after my experience with Dr. Hoffman and his staff.

It was very easy for me to make my decision. I chose Dr. Hoffman. My gut and my head both told me I was making the right decision for me. His office has been amazing to work with from getting my insurance approval within 10 days to scheduling my surgery at a time that worked for me.
It has been two months since my surgery and I am thrilled with my results. I went from an H cup to a single D and my breasts are lifted and perky again. I have been asked by many people “have you lost weight? You look terrific!”. Most importantly, I am over the moon happy with how I feel about how my breasts look to me-undressed and in clothes.

In addition, Dr. Hoffman has been excellent in his post-op care for me. Although it can take up to six months for the final outcome, I know I made the right decision to have Dr. Hoffman as my plastic surgeon for my breast reduction.

I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family.”


Abdominoplasty Patient
“Dr. Hoffman is the most professional, talented surgeon I could have hoped to work with. He calmed my nerves, was realistic, and did an excellent job. Dr. Hoffman was always available to me to answer my questions and address my concerns – which was extremely important to me in choosing a surgeon. My surgery was positively life-changing for me – and I am constantly recommending Dr. Hoffman to anyone who asks!”


Breast Augmentation Testimonial
“I recently had breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Hoffman and I couldn’t be happier with my results. From the first consultation to the follow up appointment, Dr. Hoffman was amazing. Everything was explained extensively and I always felt that if I had a question or concern both before and after the surgery, I could call him and he would respond quickly. I am glad to say that I made the right choice with Dr. Hoffman and I highly recommend him to others.”

-E. R.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty and Rhytidectomy

At age 59 I knew I wanted to take at least 10 years off the age of my looks before I turned 60 this summer. So I went to visit three plastic surgeons on the Main Line, one of whom was Dr. Hoffman. I chose Dr. Hoffman. The first reason I chose him is that he listened to my concerns and my goals. I asked for an upper and lower blepharoplasty, to rid my eyes of bags, wrinkles, and overhanging skin. I also wanted a rhytidectomy, to take away the hanging sagging skin on my neck. I had missed wearing necklines that exposed my neck. I expressed that I wanted only to look younger, not 25 or 35! He truly understood. His approach is conservative and very careful. Both other doctors I consulted acted as if they understood me, but then they each told me how they would proceed by taking fat from my stomach to resculpt my cheeks, pull this, fix that, since, as one of them said, “Your face is asymmetrical!” Both of the other surgeons said that I would need a lot more fat transfer from other parts of my body and that the entire surgery would take at least 7 hours. By contrast, Dr. Hoffman said the surgery would take 4 hours, and he INSISTED that I stay at Lankenau Hospital for the first night in case anything were to go wrong. Neither of the other doctors insisted on an overnight in the hospital. That sent up red flags to me that neither of them was as careful as Dr. Hoffman. I am so happy I did stay in Lankenau! I had nausea from the anesthesia, and the nurses took very good care of me. The next morning I was well, and I went home.

Another reason I chose Dr. Hoffman is that he did not say that he was going to refashion my entire face! He understood that I want to look like a younger me, not get an entire new face. In fact I have always liked my face! I perceived that he understands the person, he does not try to re-form a person to look like the Hollywood, cookie-cutter type.

The post-op care from Dr. Hoffman was attentive, thorough, kind, and helpful. I had a long recovery since it was such major surgery, and early on I needed much reassurance. Dr. Hoffman was there every step of the way. By 6 weeks I was entertaining house guests, and everyone said I looked great but not one person asked or hinted at my having had surgery! It was, rather is, a marvelous success! At 3 months and counting I feel like a new me, renewed and happy with my looks, now that the wrinkles and sags are gone. I cannot thank Dr. Hoffman enough. He REALLY knows what he is doing, and in a field that has so much media hype, false promises, and promotions of “one-look-fits-all,” Dr. Hoffman is truly superior above the rest in his professionalism, surgical skill, and attentiveness to the person.

Many thanks,